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We work closely with our customers to solve their needs for specialized semiconductor devices. Customer success and confidentiality are key values in our work.

Technical competence, scalable cleanroom resources and established quality management enable us to meet customer requirements for prototyping and production.

We are an active partner in the microelectronics ecosystem and support our customers to find the right partners and talent to meet their needs.



We provide process qualification and development services. Our extensive experience in specialized semiconductor materials and technologies enables us to support our customers with their development, process integration and characterization needs.


We offer a full path from process flow design, development and verification to yield optimization of our customer’s device designs. Process flow development is done in close collaboration with our customers. Our experience in process-ramp up allows fast cycle times in prototyping of complex semiconductor and microelectronic devices.

Pilot production

We provide pilot production for specialized semiconductor and microelectronic devices. Our scalable cleanroom resources enable us to grow with our customers. Our expertise in quality control enables high yield and reliable throughput.

Transfer to volume production

Working together with our partners, we can also enable a path to higher production volumes. Special process modules can be continued at Summa in order to provide a second source during the process transfer period.

Technology transfer

We support our customers with the transfer of technology, manufacturing process and quality management related knowledge. This can be in the form of training customer’s staff, setting-up quality control procedures and process flows.

Technical consulting

We assist our customer in their development and production needs in specialized semiconductor technology.

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