Applications and technologies

Summa has extensive experience in a wide range of semiconductor materials and technologies. We have the capability to process specialized device structures on different wafer types and sizes up to 200 mm.

Complex process flows involving tailored process modules are our specialty.

Examples of our technology capabilities

Device integration on CMOS
Integration of MEMS, photonics and proprietary devices on ASIC wafers.
III-V and III-N ยต-LEDs and power devices
Tailored dry- and wet-etch processes, surface passivation and process integration.
SOI, silicon-glass and glass wafer processing
Double-sided processing, wafer and die bonding and process integration.
Micro-acoustic resonators
Piezoelectric acoustic resonator structures in the MHz and GHz ranges.
AlN and ScAlN piezoelectric thin film deposition, characterization and process integration.
Graphene technology
Film processing, passivation, contacting and process integration.
Graphene-based bio-sensor fabrication.
Special processes and new material development
Dielectric and metal thin films, ALD coatings, suspended thin films.
Adhesion bonding and nano-scale patterning.

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